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I currently work on the Watson Platform team at IBM as a senior interaction designer. My responsibilities revolve around creating cohesive user interactions across a variety of services within IBM's artificial intelligence platform, Watson. Through previous experience, I have had the opportunity to also provide guided IBM Design Thinking workshops for partners and clients to solve business problems in the product, services, and process improvement spaces. With a background in branding and client-focused consulting environments, I have a unique perspective of challenging corporate paradigms to arrive at solutions that meet user needs.

I believe there are core principles that span every form of design, from graphic design to architecture. Those principles of form, function, hierarchy, pacing, etc. influence our perceptions, attitudes, and decisions in our every day lives. In many ways our perception of those principles defines our personality and how we connect with those around us. 

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Brigham Young University
BFA in Graphic Design


Design Army
Trek Bicycles


2011 SLC  AIGA 100 Show
2014 SLC  AIGA 100 Show
2016 AIGA 50
2016 Print Magazine Regional Design Award