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Cycling Kits

Over the past couple months I've been working on designing custom cycling kits for individual states. I'm starting with states I have a connection to, and may eventually end up doing all 50. I am also thinking of starting a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their production.

I started with Washington, my home state. The patterns are inspired by pine needles and ferns. The custom monogram is locked up with the nickname and motto. My inspiration came from native american art, and is reminiscent of a fish.

Imagery inspired obviously from the coastline of California, but also most frequently ridden Strava segments in the state. The crown on the back of the jersey as well as the text on the bibs references the story of the origin of the name California.

Patterns on the arms are small hop illustrations because we all know beer is important to Wisconsinites. The other patterns play off corn fields. The monogram was designed specifically to look reminiscent of cattle brands, after all, the nickname "Dairy Capitol of America" is wrapped around the collar. The arrow under the monogram stands for the state motto, which is "Forward". The small illustration on the back left pocket is a snowflake pattern of barley.

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